Do your best work with Wrike Discover

Learn how to adopt Wrike and quickly leverage work management best practices using our digital courses. 

Meet Wrike Discover

Discover is an online portal with free courses to help you uplevel how you work (with and without Wrike). Courses consist of videos that go over concepts, guided practical exercises where you apply what you learn, and knowledge checks to help reinforce information. 




12 min

increase in Wrike activity when an employee takes a Discover course during onboarding

of people are able to work more independently after being trained

average amount of time it takes to complete a Wrike Discover course 

*Based on  TSIA research, 2016 

Get the power of practical learning

Optimize onboarding

Get Wrike-trained

Drive team adoption 

Discover courses help you get your team on board and successfully using the platform. Unlock Wrike’s full potential from week one.

Wrike’s here to help your team achieve your goals. Get comfortable with Wrike functionality and learn work management best practices.

Wrike's purpose is to help you do amazing work. Our courses cover how to use Wrike, manage processes, build teams, fuel your productivity, and more. 

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Leverage learning tracks


4 courses | 48 m 

Made for anyone who’s completely new to Wrike. If you don't know what a task is, start here. It'll help you get comfortable.


3 courses | 35 m

Make your daily job easier with Wrike. Learn how to get the most out of Wrike and work more efficiently. Make Wrike work for you.


5 courses | 1h 1m

Made for managers who want the best for their teams. Drive collaboration, results, and team engagement. Balance workloads and achieve new levels of efficiency.


3 courses | 39 m 

Use functionality reserved for admins to streamline your team's processes and get your team leveled up faster.

People love learning here

“Not only was this engaging for a training video, but it was AWESOME! Most are snooze fests, but this kept me going! Definitely sharing with the team!”

“I’m a user of Wrike, but we have new team members. I send everyone to Wrike Discover to get them onboarded fast! I even learned a new trick! Thank you!” 

Creative Production Manager

Hoon Kim

Creative Production Manager

Hoon Kim

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Do your best work with Wrike Discover

Learn how to adopt Wrike and quickly leverage work management best practices using our digital courses.

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Getting started
Get up and running in Wrike.
Courses in this series
  1. Welcome to Wrike
  2. Launch Your First Project
  3. Complete Your First Project
Fuel your productivity
Your time, your work — work confidently.
Courses in this series
  1. Control Your Email Notifications
  2. Enhance Your Personal Brand
  3. Use a Personal Space
  4. Stay on Top of Work
Build unstoppable teams
Set your team up for success.
Courses in this series
  1. Team Meetings in Wrike
  2. Organize a Space
  3. Transparency & Permissions
Work smarter, not harder
Make your processes next-level efficient.
Courses in this series
  1. Build a Workflow
  2. Blueprints (Templates) in Wrike
  3. Requests for Work
People + projects
Lead teams, manage projects.
Courses in this series
  1. Reports Managers Need
  2. Intro to Wrike Analyze
Automate your work
Do less manual work with Wrike.
Courses in this series
  1. Automate with Integrate

Get Wrike Certified

Whether you're a beginner looking for training, a product manager who wants to work confidently in Wrike, or are a Wrike expert and want to prove it - Wrike Product Certification is here for you. Leverage one of two certification levels (Wrike Product Mastery: Bronze or Wrike Product Mastery: Silver) to meet your needs.


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