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With Wrike Templates You Can:

Wrike means that all those little issues that we usually find out once they've become a problem on-site, we can plan for. We're saving money, in terms of the build, because we’re foreseeing any problems before we even get there, whereas to solve it on-event it takes man-hours and coordinating different suppliers coming in at different times. We've definitely saved ourselves money there, as well as time and effort.
Celene Curry
Event Operations

Manage all your suppliers in one place

Get a bird's eye view on the status of everything you need to pull off your events without a hitch. Wrike is built for collaboration from the ground up and lets you invite an unlimited number of supplier contacts to collaborate in a single space, so you can keep everyone—internal and external—on the same page.

Keep everyone accountable

With Wrike, it's clear what work needs to get done, when, and by whom. Every task communicates clear deadlines and assignees. With the Live Editor and @mentions in task comments, Wrike keeps all communications in context, so it's easy to find relevant information when you need it.

Look your best on event day

Wrike Proof add-on helps you ensure all booth design assets are on time and meet high quality and brand standards. Visual proofing gives contributors clear and actionable feedback and reduces review and approval cycle time. With explicit approvers and approval deadlines, it's clear who needs to act.

Pull off stellar events time after time

Wrike's unique structure of Folders, Projects, and tasks lets you replicate previous successes, but is flexible enough to adapt to each unique challenge. Our Gantt Chart can help you identify and address issues before they become show stoppers.

Maximize event impact

Managing world-class events take a lot of effort. Wrike helps maximize event impact and ROI both internally and externally, with templated follow-up tasks for vendors, and reports that highlight your success to the entire organization.

Plan your event calendar

Use Wrike calendars as a real-time window into all your important events for the next month, quarter, or year. You can even color code and layer multiple calendars to segment them by region, industry, or however you choose. Share your calendars to keep the rest of your company up to date.

Save time and money, coordinate suppliers, and avoid event day emergencies with Wrike's Event Marketing Template.

Stop managing events in spreadsheets

Managing events can be a hair-pulling, nail-biting experience. Ditch the stress of managing your events in notebooks, emails, and spreadsheets and leave the days of slipped deadlines, confused suppliers, and last-minute scrambling behind.

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