Wrike + Microsoft

Wrike is transforming work by making it easy to connect work (projects, tasks, and timelines) to people (co-workers, managers, and partners). By integrating with Microsoft Office 365 and Teams, work managed in Wrike can be shared or viewed within Microsoft applications. This helps you share work updates and collaborate on work faster and get more out of your Microsoft investment.

Main features


  • You must be an Office 365 admin to create a Wrike account from Teams.
  • To link an existing Wrike account to Teams you must be a Wrike and Office 365 admin.
  • The “Allow external apps in Microsoft Teams” setting must be enabled by an admin in the Office 365 Admin center.
  • To enable Wrike’s personal app experience in Teams, install “Add for you” on Wrike’s Teams Store page.

Visit the Teams Store and follow the instructions to install Wrike for Teams, then in Teams:

Accomplish more in Microsoft Teams with Wrike

  • Full-featured Project Management
  • Timeline and Scheduling
  • Work Collaboration
  • Task Details in Conversations
  • Access Individual Work
  • User Management
  • Connection to Wrike

Manage projects and tasks in Teams

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Work in Wrike without leaving Teams

Microsoft Office 365 user management & more integrations

Click the plus sign to add a Wrike Project or Folder as a tab in a Teams channel

Click the “…” under the comment field in a conversation to use the Wrike messaging app to post task previews

Click the “…” in the left sidebar to access the Wrike personal experience, and see all your Wrike tasks

Click the “…” to the right of a channel name and choose “Connectors” to configure Wrike notifications

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Microsoft Customer

Wrike integrates with Microsoft applications in two different ways:

Microsoft Partner

Wrike brings out the best in the Microsoft stack by connecting powerful work visualization and work management tools with Office 365.

Partners focused on modern workplace initiatives, collaboration tools, or digital transformation projects can partner with Wrike as a resource to drive implementation and adoption goals.

Wrike connects with Microsoft Teams by installing the Wrike App in the Teams Store

Note: It's easy to set up a free Wrike trial account from the Teams store. It is recommended to include IT when the trial expands into a production account.

Wrike integrates with Office 365 from AppSource as an Add-in for:

  • Outlook
  • Word, Excel
  • One Drive

Accomplish more in Microsoft Teams with Wrike

Main features

How to use it now

How to use it now