We’ve been disrupted. The digital transformation has given us incredible new ways to communicate and collaborate on work, but most organizations are scrambling to figure out how to best deal with the explosion of data, a glut of SaaS tools and systems, and the challenges of working with remote teams. The key to staying competitive in this new era is to achieve Operational Excellence. In this talk, we’ll discuss ways organizations can deliver more seamless experiences, collaborate more effectively across teams and timezones, and discuss how 7 key principles can help scale your team's operations and foster a culture of excellence.

You’ll learn:
* Methods for staying on top of projects when working with a distributed team
* Ways automation and AI can make your work easier today
* The 7 Principles of Operational Excellence
* How improved collaboration empowers teams


Amit Pande

Global Head of Product Marketing,

Justin Rajah

ABM Demand Generation Manager,

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Digital marketing today looks very different from last year, and changes will only continue. As marketers are consistently pressured to face more unknowns and do more with less, many marketing leaders are sharpening their focus on agility and asking some tough but critical questions:

  • Are we as agile as we should be?
  • Can we easily manage campaigns and collaborate from kickoff to launch?
  • Can we quickly access the data we need to inform our decisions?
  • Do we have the right tools to be agile, pivot as needed, and maximize success?

Join Wrike’s own Amit Pande, Global Head of Product Marketing, and Justin Rajah, ABM Demand Generation Manager, as they discuss digital marketing in the post-pandemic era. This webinar will combine the insights of a marketing leader who has led strategic efforts at multiple start-ups with the learnings of a demand gen practitioner who is driven by data.


They'll discuss

  • What changed permanently for digital marketing post-pandemic
  • How to drive agility in your marketing organization
  • What’s changed in content and delivery methods
  • How to address the challenges of measuring efforts to outcomes

Plus, a chance to ask Amit and Justin your questions during the webinar’s live Q&A session.

Agility In Digital Marketing Is Table Stakes For Success

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Agility In Digital Marketing Is Table Stakes For Success