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Predictability in Planning

For teams of operational intensity, predictability is paramount. This manager is able to help the team accurately plan and deliver work on time and on budget. Consistency is prioritized here - an attribute that ensures workload is manageable and predictable. This manager runs tight meetings and processes and has the right tools and analytics to effectively plan and deliver the team’s work.

Cross-Team Collaboration

This manager understands that the knowledge and perspectives of many will fuel higher quality outcomes than working in silos, and leads by example to ensure that collaboration is a core part of their team culture.

Routine Work Automation

This manager maximizes the value of every member of the team by using automation to reduce routine, repetitive tasks, and integrates systems to improve consistency and quality of work.

Culture of Excellence

This manager inspires a growth mentality amongst their team while inspiring contributors to bring their best to work, and inspires continuous improvement through analytics.

Excellence in Small Business Operations

This manager is a master of the many hats required by small business owners, without letting process fall by the wayside. They promote repeatability and scalability to keep their business competitive in a cutthroat economy.

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If you have a boss you love, we probably don't need to tell you you're pretty lucky. Great managers don’t just make work fun. They are able to help you achieve your goals through clear objectives, close cross-team collaboration, and superior execution across the team. At Wrike, we call this “Operational Excellence. Through amazing execution, great managers are able to achieve amazing results and earn the trust and respect of team members and executive management alike.


That's why we're excited to announce the first annual Manager-X Awards for Excellence in Execution to honor the bosses who bring out the best in their teams, and foster a culture of excellence across their organizations.


Manager-X Awards will be given in 5 categories: Predictability in Planning, Cross-team Collaboration, Routine Work Automation, Culture of Excellence, and Excellence in Small Business Operations, and winners will receive a trip to Wrike's user conference in 2018, and a $1,000 voucher for a local celebration with their teams. They'll also get on-going opportunities to build their brand and share thought leadership with millions of users in the Wrike community.

Nominations now open for the 2018 Manager-X Awards for Excellence in Execution for bosses and managers who demonstrate superior execution by cultivating and pursuing the principles of Operational Excellence.

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