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119 new features were rolled out in 2019

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Wrike Analyze

With Wrike Analyze, you can move beyond the limitations of basic reports and add business intelligence to Wrike.
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Wrike for Professional Services

Wrike for Professional Services is a game-changing work management platform that optimizes collaboration, maximizes utilization, delights clients, and increases profit margins.
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Wrike Integrate

Wrike Integrate lets you create custom integrations with 400+ cloud and on-premises apps and add custom automation to Wrike.

over 5,000 cocktails were served during Collaborate in Nashville and London

See the photos below and feel the energy!
Wrike Collaborate photo
Wrike Collaborate photo
Wrike Collaborate photo
Wrike Collaborate photo
Wrike Collaborate photo

Wrike expanded to 2 new offices

We opened offices in Prague and Tokyo in 2019.

Today, Wrike has bases in 6 countries on 4 continents

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