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15 105 356
people used Wrike in 2021.
891 280 teams of all sizes joined Wrike in 2021. The largest team on Wrike has 90 824 members!
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Teams on Wrike completed
57 919 222
tasks this year!
Cheers to you for contributing
closed tasks to this number!
Every task counts!
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was Wrike’s busiest day for users
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was by far the busiest month for Wrikers

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This year, Wrike joined the Citrix family!

Together with Citrix, we’re now 9 879 people working in 83 offices in 67 cities in 41 countries around the world.

collaborate collaborate
Collaborate 2021 was a huge success, and was streamed on
1 949
devices in North America and Europe.
We welcomed
speakers to speak at
sessions, and
people won some fantastic prizes.
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We released
new features and product updates.
Top features
hot feature

Advanced Work Management

We know our customers are ready for even more features to take work management to the next level. That’s why we’ve launched Work Models, which use Work Templates to allow customizable work types with configurable item views and layouts, a dynamic set of system and custom fields, and automation rules so you can always work your way.
hot feature

Security and Manageability

At Wrike, our top priority is always to deliver the most secure and robust product to our users. This year, we’ve expanded our security features with customizable User Types, and introduced the Space Level Delegation model to go even further in our efforts to make Wrike the most versatile and secure collaborative work management platform on the market.
new plans

New Subscription Plans

This year, we revamped our packages into several powerful plans, offering simpler Wrike pricing and better value for every customer. This includes our updated Wrike Free plan offering unlimited users and subtask management. We’ve also just launched our new Pinnacle plan, including our most advanced features such as Locked Spaces, Budgeting, and Resource Bookings.*
*Existing Wrike customers will transition to new accounts on their renewal date after 1/1/2022.
Your account team will discuss the transition upon your renewal.
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Wrike Discover trained
17 000+
users, had more than 65 000 courses completed and 320 certifications earned in 2021.

We created tons of new content for you, including blogs, eBooks, webinars and case studies

Our top choices are:
Empowering Teams With Collaborative Work Management: Solving 13 Pain Points

Empowering Teams With Collaborative Work Management: Solving 13 Pain Points

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